Mark made this one up for me when I was craving paninis while pregnant. It is really good too on homemade flat bread. Make a quick dressing if you'd like of bleu cheese dressing, ranch dressing, yogurt or whatever.

6-8 Chicken tenderloins

½ t Garlic salt - to taste (saltier)

¾ t Paprika - to taste (spicier)

¼ t Rosemary - to taste (mintier)

¼ t Savory - to taste (veggier)

¼ Green pepper, diced

2-4 Mushrooms, diced or sliced

White cheese, shredded

Sandwich Rolls


1 t Dried onion flakes

Add paprika, garlic salt, rosemary and savory in a greased skillet. Let it heat up then add a tiny bit of water. Let water heat up, mixing everything together. Add chicken and flip, getting the chicken covered in the seasoning. Meanwhile, dice green pepper and slice mushrooms. Add peppers and mushrooms in a separate piping hot skillet with salt and dried onion flakes. Sauté peppers and mushrooms. Pull out chicken and tear into pieces on a plate. Throw shredded chicken in the skillet with the peppers and mushrooms. Toss it around, mixing it all until everything smells really good. Shred cheese over a sliced open roll, then add chicken mixture. Put some more cheese on top. Make sure roll can still close. Throw closed roll into a Foreman grill for 2-3 minutes. Serve.

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